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"This program has been instrumental in improving my ear and in helping me be able to transcribe licks, parts and complete songs away from my instrument. It is more than just a great stand alone ear trainer, but by using the program along with my instrument in hand, it has enabled me to play what I hear in my head much quicker, which is always satisfying on the gig!!!"
Todd Shay, (Jazz and Rock Guitarist)

"The software is excellent. I think it is probably the only ear training software which focuses on improvisation. I love the way you can use it in automatic mode so that the software just keeps asking questions waiting for your correct answer, without having to press another key, and in some ways mimicking Jazz 'call and response'. I recommend it to all my students."
Alisdair MacRae Birch, (Prominent New York Jazz Guitarist and Educator)

"I have used my share of ear training books/cassettes/software programs! This is by far the most integrated, smart, and well-designed. It is already making a huge difference in my abilities."
Mark Cavanaugh, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Nova Southeastern University)

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"Great software from a great organisation. Keep this stuff coming."
Michael Bresnahan (London) Frety.NET

"A great educational tool for beginners. A great practice tool for professionals. And it's fun too." speaker icon Moving On
Rowland Sutherland (one of the UK's leading jazz, classical and world music flautists)

"Having played piano for many years, I recently developed an interest in jazz. I started playing Bill Evans transcriptions but didn't find my ear improving. Having started using Improvisor I can genuinely start to see the results after only a very short space of time - this software is a must for anyone serious about wanting to improvise well."
Jonathan (a jazz student from London)

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"Aujourd’hui j’ai 35 ans et je n’en finis pas de développer mon oreille et ma technique instrumentale, car en effet Improvisor est le seul logiciel, que j’ai trouvé, qui offre la possibilité de faire les deux en même temps, j’avoue qu’il m’y aide chaque jour un peu plus."
Gilles Saucet (An experienced and accomplished jazz bassist from France)
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"It´s great for both professional musicians and beginners. Enjoy it!"
Carlos Marques (Jazz pianist and educator)

"Es fantastico para educar el oido y soltura para la improvisacion."
Carmen (Jazz student, Madrid)


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