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Please read the following before downloading Improvisor.

Improvisor is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/Windows 2000, XP but requires a soundcard to be present.

Note 1: Functionality on Improvisor is restricted on the evaluation copy.

The Drills page only allows practice of Major Triads and limited Major Sevenths practice.
The Melody Dictation page only allows practice of 4 note long melodies in a major scale with a choice of two enclosures.
The full version includes over 20 common enclosures and approaches.
No Riffs are included in the evaluation copy.

Note 2: Some settings will not be saved on the evaluation copy.

Training your ear involves hard work and dedication. You're unlikely to develop a good ear overnight but we feel that Improvisor is the best tool that you can acquire to switch your ear on and allow you to progress very quickly.



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