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Improvisor is the ultimate ear training software for the musician who wants to explore his/her improvisational skills.
It has been meticulously designed to highlight those elements of ear training that make up the foundations of a well trained ear.
It is also the piece of music software most likely to become an integrated part of your practice time.
It's ideal for those classically trained musicians who've neglected to train their ear or who simply thought improvisation wasn't for them.

Improvisor is in no way a computer-centred piece of software. It is designed to be used with instrument in hand and posesses a chunky user interface to allow you to get down to some serious woodshedding as soon as it starts up.
After only a couple of weeks of using Improvisor you'll notice vast improvements in your ear's capabilities and you'll also begin to realise what exactly is involved when playing by ear.

Why is Improvisor so great?
Beacuse it works in two ways, one you get to train your ear and two you build an improviser's vocabulary at the same time and it's also great fun to use.

Features include:
A wealth of highly configurable progressive exercises including
Triads, sevenths, riffs and ornaments
Melody Dictation
Rhythm Practice (you'll learn all those freaky jazz rhythms) and Sight Reading
A large chunky interface making it the most easy to use interface around.
Screen, MIDI keyboard and microphone input.
1000's of riffs to test your ear and incorporate into your solos.
A user centred not computer centered environment.
An interface that allows you to focus on your practice without any interruptions.

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Some of Improvisor's users include professional jazz musicians who've been playing all their lives yet still want to improve (see User Comments page).
So if you're really serious about improving your aural skills then start using Improvisor today.


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